Trash & Treasures – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

You may remember this one from my favorite films list.

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Vrai’s Favorite Things: Movies (10 to 6)

Vrai’s Favorite Things: Movies (20 to 16)

Vrai’s Favorite Things: Movies (15 to 11)

The list goes on! As always, one of the overriding tenets of making the list is the phrase “You haven’t seen this? Siddown, this is our night now.” This week shades, as perhaps such lists always much, into just a drop of the personal.

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Five Forgotten Gems – Brilliant Lady Leads

Despite the fact that “post-apocalyptic feminist action flick” might as well have been shaped and addressed to my heart with a fetching bow on top, I did not get a chance to see Mad Max: Fury Road this past weekend. But in the spirit of the thing, I thought today might be a great opportunity to offer up some other stories about women: triumphant and struggling, witty and monstrous, mundane and adventurous. But most of all, something with a little variety for our heroines. Because hey, romance is all fine and well and often part of the human experience, but it’s agonizingly frustrating how often that type of story automatically defaults to the domain of the “token chick character.” Certainly it would be tragic if such a mindset were to hold true even to creators known for loudly and self satisfiedly declaring themselves exemplary models of feminist ideologies.

I think I blacked out there for a second, what was I saying?

Right, great stories starring women.

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