One More Week of Steven

Yes, it’s true. While I’d hoped that we could return to Gankutsuou this week (the post is half done, even!), moving and Real Life Responsibilities (TM) absolutely wiped me out this week. So I beg your indulgence, and offer another post of Steven Universe analysis to tide you over until we get back on that anime train (which I miss with all my heart – the adaptation this time, y’all).

(And don’t forget – if you want to follow these recaps even when I’m not posting them here, they go up night of airing on that tumblr and morning after on The Mary Sue.

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The Summer of Steven Continues

Everything I own is in boxes and I may or may not have consistent internet! Which means, unfortunately, that all I have to offer you this fine Friday-becoming-Saturday is more Steven Universe coverage. I know. I know. I thank y’all for your kind patience with all this uproar.

I have good news, though! The Mary Sue came through with some funding, which means I’ll be able to pick up the Gravity Falls recaps again once all of this turmoil settles down and the so-called “Steven Nuke” has finally allowed my sleepless, ashen body to rest.

Hit the jump for some analyses.

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The Summer of Steven

Hey, there, internet. If you’re wondering what happened to yesterday’s Consulting Analyst, let me introduce you to the Summer of Steven:

summer of steven

Yup. A whole month of new episodes every day, Monday to Friday. And yours truly has been writing them up over on The Mary Sue. It’s been…an adjustment. So while I try to keep my head above water and hopefully ride the rest of the month through with no more interruptions, here are some mini-analyses to tide you over.

And if you’ve been curious about Steven Universe but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve got you covered there too. 

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It’s Okay to Have Flaws (Except for You): Steven Universe and Fandom


Steven Universe’s occasional homages to Revolutionary Girl Utena are starting to feel less like cute nods to a beloved nerd thing and more like an earned, legitimate comparison: both shows feature a patchwork of complicated interpersonal relationships and great care for their very well written characters, deal with complex and emotionally charged thematic issues through heavy use of abstraction and symbolism (never forget Utena aired in a primetime slot), and are unafraid of letting their characters seem unsympathetic in the name of developing them. Continue reading

Gems 101: An Introduction to Steven Universe


Steven Universe is the show my 12 year old self wanted more than anything of the world. I considered 27 different openings that might best encapsulate what I find so wondrous about this show – it’s beautiful pastel color palette and cleverly budgeted animation; it’s warm and dreamy musical score, which often burbles out into full song courtesy of series creator (and one of Adventure Time’s best songwriters) Rebecca Sugar; its unabashed earnestness coupled with an equally sweet but sharp sense of humor, or the Incredibly Important nature of its inclusive writing and casting (you may have even noticed the internet having a meltdown over that this last weekend).

And I stand by all of those as excellent reasons to invest. But none of that quite captures the feel of the thing: the experience of settling into a world of well-shaped characters and getting to see yourself in them when you might not anywhere else, whether that’s in body type, or race, or sexuality; and having those characters practically burst off the screen with adventures that the creators also seem to have thought would be Way Cool once upon a time, tempered through skill and experience into something new while retaining that feeling of possibility and the amazement of seeing something new (whether that’s picking up your first comic or seeing a cartoon from another country on Saturday mornings). “Did I really see that on TV?” Yeah, you did, and it’s only getting more audacious and amazing. With season 3 just getting started, now’s absolutely the time to start. But don’t worry if you’re intimidated about jumping in. I’ve been here since day one, and I’ve got you covered.

[I’ll be tap-dancing around character-related revelations, but there’ll be a few world-building spoilers involved in summing things up. Just as a heads up]

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