The Consulting Analyst – The Adolescence of Utena


The year is 1999, two years after the completion of Revolutionary Girl Utena’s television broadcast. The majority of the original creative team (with a few notable exceptions), have come together to create a feature film that is both a semi-encapsulation of and yet wildly different from the original story. For years it’s been sold as a introductory point or standalone for those who haven’t seen the TV series, which might be the greatest lie told since the day a Blockbuster employee put Legend of the Overfiend in the family film section.

I must warn you that I’m more or less going to bypass discussion of the infamous car transformation entirely – but on the bright side, that’s only because I dedicated an entire essay to that subject a year ago. For those of you who’ve seen the series or would just like to watch 80 minutes of beautifully animated surreal madness, you can brush up on the film on YouTube or Hulu.

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