Midseason Anime Check-in (Summer 2017)

I got together with some other members of the AniFem team (y’all may recognize Dee from the Utena recaps) to discuss how this season is going so far. Some surprises, some serious disappointments, and a few uneven bits of promise.

Show notes are over at Anime Feminist!


Summer 2017 Anime Premiere Masterpost

chronos 3

I watched so much anime over the last two weeks, readers. More than I think I’ve ever tackled during the start of a new season. You may recall that I reviewed a handful of titles for Anime Feminist during the Spring season. That handful rocketed up to a whopping seventeen titles, running the gamut from pretty awesome to huffing the fumes of existential despair.

I’m including bite-sized impressions here, and links if you want to check out the full coverage. Happy reading!

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