Still Buffering Delivers Great Cross-Generational Sisterly Bonding


Years ago, the McElroys joked about a counterpart to their show My Brother, My Brother and Me called My Sister, My Sister and Me. While that did eventually come into existence as a one-off bonus for donors to the Maximum Fun network, the public at large was left bereft of a weekly source of sisterly goofs. Into that void came Still Buffering, a podcast hosted by three sisters – two in their thirties, and one still in high school.

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Morph Club – The Best Kind of Nostalgia


No series taught me more, at the tender age of nine, about war, death, trauma, loss, and excruciating body horror than Animorphs. I can comfortably say that KA Applegate’s children’s novels are irrevocably stamped all over my tastes as an adult (frankly it’s a short skip and a jump to Cronenberg’s The Fly remake with its gruesome and poignant thematic exploration of terminal illness, so much so that Applegate referenced it in the books). And thanks to Megan and Carey, the fine hosts of the Morph Club podcast, I’ve had a great opportunity to revisit that beginning.

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Podcast Recs: McElroy Family Edition

Last Monday we took a trip to The Adventure Zone, which has become one of my alltime favorite podcasts. It’s still Max Fund Drive season this week, and I’m in a podcast sort of mood, so it seems like time to stroll through another round of recommendations. Specifically, shows headed up by the stunningly charming and adorable members of the McElroy family. They’re practically a podcasting dynasty at this point, and the world is really better for it. Here are a solid half dozen podcasts to try out (and don’t forget The Adventure Zone!).

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