Two Years of Tinfoil


Here we are again, readers: October, and the second anniversary of Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories. It’s been an amazing year. I started working as a recapper and general contributor for The Mary Sue (Steven Universe and Rick & Morty, primarily, though with luck I’ll expand that list in future). I joined Twitter and Patreon, and finished the mammoth project that was The Consulting Analyst for Revolutionary Girl Utena. There’s even been a staggering amount of senpai-noticing: R&M writer Mike McMahan approved my Beginner’s GuideWander Over Yonder creator Craig McCracken retweeted the intro I did to the series recently, and Black Tapes co-creator Paul Bae left the sweetest message when I covered the podcast. And as the staggering cherry on top, the Mary Sue reprint of my article on the backlash against Pearl spent some time as the very first news result when you googled “Steven Universe.” (Right, that’s the end of the name dropping, I promise).

And of course, most importantly of all, I’ve been overwhelmed with the kindness and eagerness of a truly wonderful readership. Even when real life’s set the scheduling of this blog wonky, the thought of the lovely, intelligent human beings who come through here keep me up and working. I am so, so grateful for each and every one of you, whether you’ve stopped to say hi or lurked quietly, longtime or recent, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope we can go together into whatever the next year holds.

And now, stats!

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One Year of Tinfoil

enormous-books Meanwhile, in the halls of Nerd Research

It’s a time of celebration, dear readers! This week (October 11th) heralds the one year anniversary of Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories. That’s 104 posts of analysis, complaining, mooning, and crazy conspiracy theories about culture high and low(and if that seems daunting, don’t worry – I have a list of every post on this blog sorted by subject matter). And what a year it’s been! This blog got nominated for the Liebster Award, was featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed spotlight, and received the nod of approval from actor and all around cool dude Shannon McCormick.

We’ve (the blog and I, because why not start affording it a dangerous amount of sentience now) also been blessed with an amazing and thoughtful readership. I’m thankful to each and every one of you: for agreeing, for disagreeing, for bringing cool suggestions and new information I might not’ve seen otherwise. I feel unbelievably lucky – here’s to another year and beyond!

I still feel like I’ve performed some manner of mass hypnosis
Now to gleefully return to blathering for your infotainment

So, how about some stats?

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