MAKE THIS HAPPEN – Rule of Rose 2.0


Once upon a time there was an unlucky girl, starring in a very unlucky game called Rule of Rose. It was passed on by several publishers while trying to find homes outside its native country, brewed in a controversy of accused lolicon content that was quite untrue, and sold so few copies as to be one of the rarest PS2 games on the market today. All of which is a shame, because in the moments when the game shines it reminds me of the very best adolescent anguish allegory parades in Utena and the uncanniness of Silent Hill.

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Make This (Movie) Happen – Cable & Deadpool


Hey, did y’all see the test footage that’s been floating around recently? With Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, having a merry time picking off thugs on a freeway? The incredibly painful footage (and by ‘painful’ I mean that I spent years quashing down my fragile, often battered hopes and now they’ve all come rushing back again)? Well, scroll down a bit and you can say you have.

If you are currently either weeping, drooling, or keening lowly whilst wearing a shocked and catatonic look on your face, then welcome Marvel fans! For those with average to unenthusiastic interest in superheroes, Deadpool is a mercenary created in the 90s by Rob Liefeld (he of the impossibly swaybacked women, tiny feet, and pouches), originally a ripoff of Teen Titans’ Slade Wilson/Deathstroke who came into his own under the writing of Joe Kelly and Gail Simone.

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Once upon a time, in that glittering industry supposedly safe from the pitches and valleys of the real world, circumstances took a turn for the depressing. A general hopelessness pervaded the atmosphere, nobody had two cents to rub together, and folks scrambled for whatever they could get in terms of employment. It was terrible. But at least the 70s didn’t have Transformers 4. I will go ahead and take my extremely deserved blows for that cheap joke momentarily, but first let us dip once more into my burning and pervasive (and possibly contagious, I really need to have it looked at) love of musicals.

The year is 1975, half a decade before the world of American musical theater would become best known for the rise of the mega musical – a genre defined by the elaborate set pieces, lights, and costumes (Les Miserables and pretty much everything Andrew Lloyd Webber has ever been responsible for, and Cats in particular); and big, bombastic, often pop-sensibility-shaded scores. The show is a raw little thing carved from the lives of the period’s struggling actors and dancers: A Chorus Line. It also had a pop-music infused soundtrack, but at least we have the option of awarding it the ‘appropriately time-piece flavored’ award. Continue reading

MAKE THIS HAPPEN: Petshop of Horrors

We’ve collecitvely that Pupa is thus far a hideous disappointment, right? I know I was a bit crushed to find that the alleged “dark and disturbing gorefest” translates out to “four minutes of poorly exposited insanity, an exploding dog, and a giant censorship bar.” But then, I knew going in that the project was helmed by Studio DEEN, so shame on me for hoping.

But watching my dreams for an enticing and atmospheric horror-tinged anime go up in smoke did put me in mind of a long held dream of mine. You see, there’s a wonderful candidate out there for a modern supernatural-horror anime, if only the modern studios would think to tap it. That story, friends, is Petshop of Horrors.

“What? That terminally 90s looking OVA with the man eating rabbits?” said absolutely no one, because I’m fairly certain that bit of trivia’s been lost to the annals of time.

Allow me to bring it back for you

A consummate portrait of the era, isn’t it? The broad shoulders, the somewhat grainy visuals and shading-light palette, the candy colored blood. But wait, hear me out. This strange little footnote of animation is based on a manga absolutely crying for an update.


And a miracle is what it will take

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