The Consulting Analyst – Interview With the Vampire (Part 4)


Part Four: Love Triangles Always Seem to Start With a Redhead


When last we left off, the apartments on the Rue Royale were in flame (which is an alarmingly frequent outcome when Louis is involved with domestic disputes) and Louis and Claudia had fled for their lives. We pick up with the pair of them safely on the deck of the ship, Louis keeping watch and half-expecting Lestat to come chasing after them. He can’t seem to shake the image of Lestat’s twisted, post-murder attempt form, fearing that they themselves are horrific monsters under their beautiful facades.

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The Consulting Analyst – Interview with the Vampire (Part 3)


Part Three: We Have to Name a New Complex for This Level of Dysfunction 


When last we left our deeply dysfunctional vampires, Lestat had dramatically told Louis that he simply couldn’t leave – what about their child? The little five year old near-plague victim that Lestat turned an hour ago? You can’t leave now, Louis! Your family needs you!

This can only end well.

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The Consulting Analyst – Interview with the Vampire (Part 2)

Part Two: The Big Damn Vampire Soap Opera


We return once more to the house of the moping, beautiful dead. If you’ll recall, last time our narrator Louis spent a great deal of time talking about how his maker (and ex) Lestat was SUCH A CALLOW, STUPID JERK AND WE SHOULD ALL HATE HIS ROTTEN GUTS, NO REALLY, and then he burned down the plantation where they were living in order to escape a scene chock full of such side-eye worthy lowkey racism that my skin wants to crawl directly off and hide in a corner.

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The Consulting Analyst – Interview with the Vampire (Part 1)

Part One: Achievements in Unreliable Narration

As promised, this week we begin our (currently) monthly journey through the Vampire Chronicles, that crucial stepping stone in the modern conception of vampirism and bestselling bastion for young queer kids throughout the end of the 20th century. I’d originally planned on spending four posts on this first book in the series, but it’s beginning to look like it’ll be more in the realm of six. In technicality the book is divided into four “parts,” but that would frontload almost half the book in one post, so we’re just making a guess of it. Buckle in, dear readers. We’re going back to 1976.

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The Consulting Analyst – An Introduction to The Vampire Chronicles


Longtime readers will know that it’s traditional for this blog to run two Consulting Analyst series at a time – it provides a little variety for readers who maybe aren’t into the main series going on, and it keeps yours truly from hitting the burnout train and thus not giving the main series its analytical due. That’s particularly true with Gankutsuou, which is easily the most research-intensive series that’s been featured on this series to date. Which is all a very long preamble to say that we’re counteracting the blue space vampire. With nostalgic trash vampires.

I mean Anne Rice. We’re doing – we’re reading Anne Rice. As to why, I suppose it’s once again Story Time With Auncle Vrai. Siddown, darlings, let me tell you a thing. Thanks to the internet it’s fairly easy nowadays to find lists detailing published novels that have prominent queer characters and relationships (if not as common on the bookshelf as it could be). And what big name publishers don’t provide? Well, there are boutique and self-published works, never mind the ever growing influx of quality writing online being recognized as legitimate forms of artistic expression. If you were, say, a middle schooler in the early 2000s, stranded with no resources or mentors and barely a clue of what they were looking for besides some astonishingly low-quality browsing on The last of which, might I ask, a person better damn well hide lest they be seen as perverted weirdos taking perfectly good media and “making it gay?” Friends, for that kid The Vampire Chronicles were a revelation.

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