Rewatching Fushigi Yugi (Part 5)

miaka finale

Here’s the last round of the Fushigi Yugi rewatch I took part in. While it’s not a particularly important series to me, and its fuckups wound deeper than some, it’s still a series that does a few things very, very well–and deserves more credit than it gets for its wonderful portrayal of the central friendship between Miaka and Yui and a sometimes genuine success at grappling with adolescent sexual anxiety.

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[Link] Age-gap relationships in fiction


I talked about Gankutsuou’s handling of teen crushes on adults last week, but here’s a more extensive discussion on age-gap relationships with Dee and Caitlin: the ethical, the bad, and the normalizing. Oh, and the “that doesn’t actually fall under this pernicious problem.”

(I can’t believe I forgot to bring up Yuko/Watanuki, over which I still have the longest and most exhausted sigh).

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Rewatching Fushigi Yugi (Part 1)


Once upon a time I read one of the seminal 90s shoujo series (I…read a lot of Yu Watase, actually). It sucked me in and made me real mad, and then I didn’t think about it for a long time. And I never watched the anime.

When I was invited to watch Fushigi Yugi with two longtime nostalgic fans of the series–Dee and Caitlin, two of my favorite people to talk anime with–I figured it was time to give it a second look.

The first two watchalongs (episodes 1-14) are below the cut. Keep an eye out for the rest!

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