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Vrai Watches Den-noh Coil (Part 2)

  OH NO THEY'RE PRECIOUS pic.twitter.com/GqZH4XFCD5 — Vrai Kaiser (@WriterVrai) July 17, 2018 They’re good kids, y’all. They’re really good kids. While the actual plot mechanics get a little bit messy toward the end, the emotional arcs for the young leads are solid, it hits on some very […]

Vrai Watches Den-noh Coil (Part 1)

I took part in a watchalong for a show I’d never even heard of–an adolescent-friendly series about VR, the importance of pets, and the difficulty of coping with grief when the dead leave technological footprints behind. It turned out to be pretty impressive, but daaaaamn is it slow […]