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Summer Anime Wrap-Up

The summer season is finally over, and it’s finally time to look back at what worked and what didn’t. I talked about the good, sweet mental illness sports show, my new favorite yuri spy series, and my fond if very, very complicated feelings about the Sad Children Adventures […]

Watching Netflix’s Death Note

Given the hardcore fandom phase I went through in high school over this series (I was in it to win it, people), it was inevitable that I’d wind up watching the terribly conceived, terribly executed Netflix movie. Spoilers: it’s not that it’s stupid. It’s that it isn’t stupid […]

Wandering Son Retrospective

I hosted an analysis of Wandering Son, one of the very few anime and manga to focus on the experience of growing up trans in Japan, and was joined by some special guests: including ANN’s Jacob Chapman; Rachel “Matt” Thorn, who translated the WS manga, and Youtuber Cayla […]