Trash & Treasures: Audition

Audition is the story of a Nice Guy who just wants to meet a nice young woman by leveraging his position as a producer to ask strangers intimate questions under false pretenses. For some reason, this ends with bad things happening to him (and it’s awesome).

Vrai Watches Kill la Kill (Part 2)

This batch of episodes had some things I quite like (them Student Council kids are quality, can’t believe nobody told me about the Good Ship Satsuki/Nonon), and some things I reaaaaaaaaaaally hate. Have I mentioned my loathing for Noble Poverty stories? Well, now I have. In detail. Also: […]

Vrai Watches Kill la Kill (Part 1)

People demanded it, and we’re here to deliver: four watchalong podcasts including excellent guest host Miranda Sanchez. I’m loosely familiar with KLK–I pretty much couldn’t avoid it since I was watching Samurai Flamenco that season–so I went in knowing a few spoilers beforehand, but you can still enjoy […]