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Let the Great Gravity Falls Rewatch Begin

The world is losing something special with the end of Gravity Falls. The experience of waiting, hands collectively clutched, through almost four years (but only two seasons; thanks, Disney scheduling) of conspiracies, comedy, and bonds of blood and found families has been a singular and wonderful experience. The […]

Merry Christmas or happiest Friday, readers! Yes, there IS a post coming this weekend….buuuuuuut with all the travel and kerfuffle and bodies coming and going, it’s not happening today. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, I promise I’ll owe you one. Be well, all of you.

Hey, readers! If you’re wondering where this week’s recap has gone, the answer is “in a box, with the rest of my things.” I’m sorry about the hiccup (but at least I now have internet again). Don’t worry, this coming week will have two recaps to make up for […]

Sorry, readers- thought I could squeeze everything in, but as it turns out birthdays wreak hell on one’s ability and motivation to finish writing things. The Adolescence post isn’t cancelled, and you won’t have to wait til next week. It’ll just be up in the afternoon/evening of the […]