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Hey, guess who spent the last two days repairing their hard drive? This guy. This one right here. It made posting…rather difficult. ¬†Apologies for the delay.

If you’re wondering where the end of week post is, this wrap-up on Interview has wound up being quite a bit longer and more involved than I’d anticipated. So you might well be seeing it on Monday, possibly even in two parts. But the content elves are hard […]

Funtimes Medical News

Medical¬† Hey there, readers. Yes, unfortunately this is me announcing another small delay. I’m having oral surgery this week, which means a lot of pain and swelling loopy painkillers. It also, unfortunately, means I’ll be in no shape to recap Gankutsuou this week (and also that today’s post […]

You may’ve noticed that the blog schedule got completely borked this week – travel and deadlines are a hell of a thing, readers. So! Look forward to a content-packed weekend, just for you.

Programming Note

In the interest of not taking a year to get through one book, the Friday schedule is getting tweaked a little, from 3:1 to 2:1. In other words, tonight will be a Vampire post, the next two weeks will be Gankutsuou, and so on. Shores up the gaps […]

Thanks to some unexpected travel delays I’m out of contact with my Gargoyles DVDs at the moment (and lord knows Disney can’t be bothered to make these things available). So for the sake of quality screencaps the recap will be up tomorrow instead. Take care out there, readers.