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Twenty Four Hours in Fate/Grand Order

Years ago, as a middle-schooler just getting into online fandom, I would occasionally think, “huh, that Fate/Stay Night thing sure is popular. Probably I should check it out.” I never did, but the release of a free mobile entry in the series, Fate/Grand Order, was tempting as a way to dip my toes in without having to put down a chunk of change — especially with an anime adaptation coming out. I decided to take a 24-hour trial run: mobile games don’t really end, after all, so it felt less important to see All The Content than to learn whether the general experience would be worth checking in every day for.

News Update

If you’re wondering where this week’s blog updates are, the answer is, “my six year old laptop is in the middle of a catastrophic meltdown, and therefore so am I.” I’ll keep you folks up to date—for now the hope is to get something new this weekend because […]