Killing Stalking Excels at Depicting the Horror of Abuse


It’s hard to find a title more straightforward than the manhwa (a Korean comic) Killing Stalking. The story opens on withdrawn, isolated Yoon Bum breaking into the house of the man he’d admired from afar for coincidentally saving him in the past – stalking. Bum makes his way inside and happens to discover a secret basement where a blindfolded and beaten women begs him to help her; his crush, Oh Sangwoo, comes home with baseball bat in hand and makes Bum the basement’s new resident – killing.

From there the story becomes a survival story, as Bum tries to make himself useful enough to Sangwoo to be kept alive while looking for a way to escape. It’s one of the most compelling horror stories I’ve read in years.

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Heeeeeeeeeeey, gang? So I thought I was ready to write about That Episode of Gankutsuou with a week’s separation from the election but now there’s a white supremacist on the payroll and the supreme court pick is all about re-criminalizing homosexuality and I need to write about the ridiculous trashpires for another week is what I’m saying. Please, for the love of God, let me distract myself from Tragic Gays (TM) another week.

Hey, guess who spent the last two days repairing their hard drive? This guy. This one right here. It made posting…rather difficult.  Apologies for the delay.

If you’re wondering where the end of week post is, this wrap-up on Interview has wound up being quite a bit longer and more involved than I’d anticipated. So you might well be seeing it on Monday, possibly even in two parts. But the content elves are hard at work, I promise.

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Hey there, readers. Yes, unfortunately this is me announcing another small delay. I’m having oral surgery this week, which means a lot of pain and swelling loopy painkillers. It also, unfortunately, means I’ll be in no shape to recap Gankutsuou this week (and also that today’s post was postponed due to travel considerations to GET to the future mouth mutilation).

I’m going to try my very best to at least get y’all a Gravity Falls post tomorrow and potentially Friday – after all your kind support, it wouldn’t do for me not to give you some kind of content this week. Thanks again for your patience, and I’ll see you on the other side.