So, About the Patreon Thing


At this point I’m sure you’ve all heard what’s going on with Patreon. If not, here’s the shortest of short rundowns: the change in operating procedure means that patrons now pay an additional processing fee when donating, meaning a $1 donation is really going to be more like $1.38.

That begins to level out for larger donations, but for small sites like me–who don’t have gated content and really just use the modest, kind donations of readers to keep the internet paid–it means losing a good chunk of income as people quite understandably have to pare down and think of their own finances.

Patreon was always something of a wonky fit. It meant that folks could donate a dollar a month in an easy set-it-and-forget-it model, but it was never quite right for the commissions (you request the subject, I write about it!) that have always been the actual payment model for the site.

With that in mind, I wanted to seek your opinion on a few options I’m considering going forward. Whatever decision happens, I want to stress that there will be no gated content. Explanations for the poll choices are under the cut. Thanks, y’all!

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An Interview With Alex Hirsch [7/5/17]


I finished my rewatch-and-review of Gravity Falls a few weeks ago, a project over a year in the making. To my shock and delight, Alex Hirsch himself reached out with compliments, and even offered to give an interview! The results are here before you.

Read on to hear about Gravity Falls merch, post-canon Pacifica, and a statement on what exactly happened with the censorship of “The Love God.”

Spoiler warning for Gravity Falls, as well as supplemental material.

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Vrai Writes Pop Culture Essays: Popularium


I’m proud that I can finally talk about my engagement with this site. I’ve been working and writing with them for more than six months now, but things were very hush hush as far as getting things ready for launch. But lo! Now I can share the stories I’ve been working on with all of you.

As for what they are, here’s what the About page says:

Popularium is about sharing great things and great experiences. We believe that we all make emotional connections best through telling relatable stories about the stuff we love. And we do this by featuring real stories by real people about real products.

In other words, people write personal narrative essays about how various pieces of media (or weed or alcohol – hence “products”) have played into the story of their own lives. There’s quite the breadth of experiences on there, and it’s heartening to finally see it fully formed.

You can visit my author page here, and check out links and samples to the stories I’ve published thusfar under the cut.

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Three Years of Tinfoil


Three years. Can you believe it? This has been a hectic year for scheduling, and there was a lot of experimentation in content styles – particularly in branching out more into western animation and even books.

Outside this blog, I was published in the anthology Cthulhusattva, discovered the joy that is Dr. Herbert West (still waiting on that figure, Funko), survived not one but TWO Steven Bombs and a solid month of daily recaps, and launched a podcast. I’ve learned a lot about my own writing and what does and doesn’t work in creating online content, and I’m hoping to keep this blog going strong in the year to come. Particularly since, at time of writing, I’m involved with a couple exciting things I can’t tell you about just yet.

Thanks to all of you readers, new and old. And to the kind supporters of this blog’s Patreon. I couldn’t do it without you.

And now, the traditional sharing of stats!

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Vrai Talks: Cthulhusattva Interview

Hey there, readers! You may remember that a few months back I published a story in the anthology Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis.  Well, as part of the promotion for that anthology, I also sat down for a brief interview with its editor (and the founder of Martian Migraine Press), Scott Jones.

THRILL IN AMAZEMENT as my brain is so fried I can no longer remember important details of the thing I wrote. GASP IN AWE as I make it less than five minutes to the first anime reference. SWOON at the handsome quality of my nasally Midwesterner’s voice.

And keep your ears tuned – this might not be the last time you see audio content popping up around these parts.

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