Rewatching Fushigi Yugi (Part 5)

miaka finale

Here’s the last round of the Fushigi Yugi rewatch I took part in. While it’s not a particularly important series to me, and its fuckups wound deeper than some, it’s still a series that does a few things very, very well–and deserves more credit than it gets for its wonderful portrayal of the central friendship between Miaka and Yui and a sometimes genuine success at grappling with adolescent sexual anxiety.

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Fall 2017 and Year-End Anime Recs


What better way to move into the year than by staring determinedly backward at the year that was? I did several write-ups about the Fall 2017 season and the year in anime as a whole, as well as some podcasting for those of you looking for an audio version. Short version: rocks own my heart, and it was a quality year for gay.

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