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This blog is supported by the kind, generous donations of you, the internet! This page is to publicly thank those who’ve donated to yours truly’s efforts to write entirely too many words about media on the internet.

From the bottom of my heart, an endless stream of gratitude. Y’all are helping me get one step closer to doing what I love for a living.

You can find out about donations, as well as how to commission essays from yours truly, over here on Patreon!


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  1. I love your analyses! I had always thought I was alone in loving Gargoyles as an teen/adult! And thank you for introducing me to that crazy Fujiko Mine series! I had originally passed it over as some Lupin tie-in that was probably going to be all about boobs and fanservice, but holy shit, it was exactly what I needed to restore my faith in anime.

    I have a question about your funding. I want to give you my money, but a monthly basis doesn’t work for me (will be graduating grad school soon and possibly under- or unemployed), so I would want to do a single paypal donation. Does a single $50 donation net me that “single post on the subject of your choosing, at least 1200 words”? Because I have a great series in mind that I feel like no one has ever seen except me that I would love to hear your thoughts on. But the patreon site, of course, only does monthly donations, so I was confused.

    • Thanks so much! I’m dead pleased to have been of help (the Gargoyles fandom is tiny but it is fierce, lemme tell you)
      Re: the donations, there are two ways you can go. If you want to go through Patreon, it’s not uncommon for folks to sign up for one month, wait for the donation to go through, and then cancel – so it’s effectively a one time donation (and if you wanted to do that, I’d be happy to send you a notice so you didn’t risk not cancelling after the thing went through). If Paypal, then you just go through the button on the main page.
      Either way, I’d love to do a post of your choosing. (In Patreon’s case It’d get put off until the month went through, so beginning of November).

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