Drunk Book Club: Wings

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Hmm, a 2000s-era supernatural love triangle YA novel by a Utah-raised author with a lot of extremely unfortunate implications baked into the lore….this all sounds familiar, but we can’t put our finger on it. Maybe it’s just Pike specifically name-dropping Stephanie Meyer all over the place. If only this protagonist had as much going on internally as Bella Swan.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of disordered eating and fatphobia, ableism, racism, anti-vax rhetoric/alternate medicine, eugenics, body horror, sexual harassment, and misogyny

Alex’s YA Recs

0:30 Commission!
2:00 Content Warnings
5:00 Drink Recipe
8:00 Stealth Mormonism
11:00 Our Stunning Perfect Heroine
18:00 Mmm, Gender Politics
23:00 Missing Body Horror
27:00 The Bad Boy One
32:00 Fairy Biology and Cosmology
41:00 Holy Eugenics Batman
47:00 A Climax Allegedly Ensues
56:00 The Shadow of Homeopathy

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