It’d be a crime if we didn’t talk about one of the pillars of 90s queer cinema.

Listen, this is a queer podcast 365 days a year. Pride Month won’t be stopped by a little thing like June being over. It’s time for the 90s, and the film its director describes as “an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on acid.”
On the board for this episode: the difference between “queer representation” and “queer cinema,” the queer reclaiming of mainstream genre work, and the pros and cons of making intensely of-the-moment art.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of suicide, racism, child sexual abuse, homophobia+biphobia, religiosity, gore/animal death and body horror

Variety Interview

Black Is, Black Ain’t



1:00 Intro to Araki + New Queer Cinema
12:00 24 Hours of “Nowhere”
14:00 Ethics and Young Actors
17:00 The Teen Soap Gang
22:00 Alien Invasion
26:00 At the Party
32:00 Nihilism and Vulnerability
37:00 Pop Culture Time Capsule
40:00 Fuck Harmony Korine Corner
45:00 Queer Cinema Recs

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