PRIDE MONTH: Female Trouble, John Waters, and the Art of Filth

If the only one you’ve seen is Pink Flamingos, you’re missing out.

It’s time at last to spotlight the patron saint of this podcast, the pope of filth himself: John Waters. While he’s better known for Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble is the most potent and maybe the best of his 1970s work, a razor-sharp satire of heteronormative culture that can only flourish because it comes from such a tight team of collaborating artists and weirdos.

But it’s also worth asking: what happens when an outsider artist becomes a public figure? What does that new element of privilege do to their art and how they relate to the marginalized community they come from?

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, incest, homophobia, transphobia, child abuse (physical/emotional/sexual), cults, and ableism

I Am Divine (Documentary; also on Netflix)

Female Trouble Theme


John Waters Interview (2015)

John Waters Interview (2018)

1:00 John Waters and Filth
9:00 Divine and Gender
11:30 Content Warnings
13:00 The Life and Times of Dawn Davenport
26:00 Queer Satire
31:00 Modern Waters and Serial Mom
38:00 Should You Watch This

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