PRIDE MONTH: Bride of Frankenstein

The gayest classic Hollywood film? Possibly.

Happy Pride Month, listeners! It’s time for our annual four-episode journey through the history of queer film, and this year we’ll be looking in particular at camp and outsider cinema.

While Bride might be quite famous, it’s also a perfect starting place for our discussion: director James Whale’s camp masterpiece, which those who knew him spent years after his tragic death denying as a queer work (possibly, we suspect, because they feared it would be pigeonholed as “gay art” rather than cinema for everyone). Which leads to an even thornier question….how are queer artists pushed to define their audience?

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of racism, sexual assault, homophobia, and suicide.

The Hollywood Blacklist (The Code etc)

Bela and Boris” Miniseries

1:00 Pride Intro
2:30 The Code Era Returns
10:00 A MORAL Sequel, Dear Viewer
16:00 That’s Pretty Gay, Bro
29:00 Craving for Legitimacy
41:00 Listener Question

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