Trash & Treasures: Magic Mike

You can tell this is a Serious Art Movie because half the scenes are covered by a hideous yellow piss filter.

The sequel’s still better.

We revisit the weird double image of Magic Mike, a “quiet lives of desperation” dance movie that was marketed almost solely based on its five or six minutes of male strip revues. Which both sells the subtler moments of the script short and disguises the unmasked contempt that the film overall has for women. It’s…well, listen. There’s a reason we’re covering it here.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of toxic masculinity, misogyny, sexual assault, racism, whorephobia, classism, biphobia, and Matthew McConaughey

1:00 Production Info
12:00 Class in 2012
15:00 About That Misogyny
25:00 SHAME SPIRAL feat. Biphobia
32:00 Toxic Masculinity Central
37:00 The Alleged Happy Ending
47:00 Should You Watch This

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