Go Crows! The Internet’s Only Smallville Podcast – Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Yes, we do have to talk about 9/11’s impact on this show again. We can quit when it stops being so omnipresent. And alarming.

We’re back, and not a moment too soon; there’s a twister in Kansas! As season two kicks off Clark gets boner powers and Pete finally gets a role in the plot, while Dr. Hamilton continues to mosey through his episodes being both inscrutable and delightful. Oh, and Lionel is blind now. It’s handled as tactfully as you’d imagine.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, rape culture, misogyny, ableism, toxic masculinity, racism, and nationalism.

2:00 Bite-Sized Summaries
6:30 Monsters of the Week
31:00 Heart of the Show
34:00 And That’s Terrible
42:00 The Jukebox

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Our intro is “Slow Burn” by Kevin McLeod.

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