Trash & Treasures: Showgirls

Apparently while I wasn’t looking the discussion circled around to “this was always secretly good,” so let’s go ahead and test THAT claim.

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Today we were set a daunting challenge: find something that hasn’t yet been said about infamous cinematic trainwreck Showgirls. As the modern conversation swings from “reclaimed camp” to “was it in fact Good Actually all along” following the release of the documentary YOU DON’T NOMI, it felt like time to wade into those claims. What the hell was Showigirls trying to do, anyway?

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of racism, ableism, homophobia, misogyny, rape culture, sexual assault, whorephobia, fatphobia, drug use, ageism, and auteur bullshit.

Showgirls! The Musical!

You Don’t Nomi

0:30 Commission Stuff
3:00 Content Warnings
5:00 In Summary
18:30 Some Notes on Camp
24:00 Eszterhas v Verhoeven
29:00 A Second Bite at Flashdance
40:00 Versayce (The Characterization Problem)
48:00 Showgirl History
52:00 Failed Satire

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