Trash & Treasures: Jack Frost (1997) / Jack Frost (1998)

Are we the first people to point this out? No. But we did challenge ourselves not to use just The One Joke.

Our holiday gift to you, our dearest listeners, is a second bite at the meme, the myth, the legend: that terrifying dead-eyed snowman puppet animated by the trapped soul of Michael Keaton. And also a microbudget slasher. We figured we’d watch one basically watchable movie and one deeply uncomfortable one, and that’s sure what we got!
Also feat. cameos by all of the Zappa children, for some reason.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, existentialism/morbidity, graphic depiction of car crash death, grief, parental neglect, body horror/gore

“Jack Frost” Fangoria Interview (Pages 34-37)

1:00 Battle of the Budgets
7:00 Absent Dad Films
14:00 Never Try, Kids
21:00 Best Bully Ever
26:00 The Sweet Release of Death
31:00 When Camp Fails
41:00 Framing and Audience Expectation

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