Drunk Book Club: Carry On

An academic specializing in fan studies and a trans media critic walk into a Harry Potter fanfic. Chaos ensues.

Special thanks to Ceslatoil for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon.

In which we unpack the different structural needs of fanfics versus standalone works, the problem of only thinking through the implications of your bad guy twist halfway, and why all the most interesting characters are dead.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of racism, queerphobia, transphobia, JK Rowling (the redundancy is noted), misogyny, ableism, and domestic abuse

Russell Howard Reads 50 Shades of Gray

Ursula K Le Guin Roasts JK Rowling

Racism in Eleanor & Park

1:00 The Harry Potter Connection
6:00 Drinks!
8:00 Limited Scope of Fandoms Highlighted
21:00 Our Off-Brand Cast
30:00 Ladies and Queer Stuff
38:00 “The Worst Chosen One”
45:00 It’s About the Implications

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