Trash & Treasures: Star Trek (2009)

So, what happens when you let someone who hates Star Trek make a Star Trek?

Special thanks to Roisin for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon.

In which two Star Trek fans — one casual, one Deep — reckon with a Star Trek movie made for people who hate Star Trek and pay homage to all the good fanwork this movie spawned before digging into the messy postmortem of the project itself.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of genocide, homophobia, and misogyny.

Star Trek by Apple (the Dyson hand dryer shot)

Choice AMVs
Tik Tok
So Close

1:00 Trek History
12:00 JJ Abrams, Avowed Trek Hater
15:30 The AU Angle
22:00 Our nuCast
30:30 Enterprise by Apple
35:00 Insert Emotions Here
43:00 About Vulcan
48:00 Compliment Sandwich

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