Trash & Treasures: The Devils

Who’s ready to talk about FAMOUS BANNED FILMS.

For our final October outing into horny horror (and if this movie isn’t horror, we don’t know what is), we looked at beloved cult classic and infamous banned film The Devils, which has been unavailable in its complete, uncensored form more or less since its filming in 1971.
Buckets of criticism, including multiple books, have been written on the film, so we tried to tackle a subject we hadn’t seen discussed much: how the women of The Devils are treated, both the actors and the historical figures on whom the film is supposedly based. We read books for this one!

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, sexual harassment, misogyny, religious abuse, torture, ableism, medical abuse, body horror.

Hell on Earth documentary

1:00 To Set the Scene
4:30 A Possession at Loudon
12:00 Father Grandier, Shithead
17:00 Content Warnings
20:00 About Those Horny Nuns
26:00 And the Women Who Played Them
31:00 The Acceptable Masculinity
37:00 Legacy and Witchcraft
44:00 The Femur

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