Trash & Treasures: Cat People (1982)

The 80s was mostly a good decade for horror remakes of old 40s/50s movies. Well, exceptions to every rule.

Back in 1943, a queer screenwriter penned a film about a woman struggling with her fear that she had unnatural urges waiting to reveal her as a monstrous beast. Forty years later, Paul “The Canyons” Schrader decided the best way to tackle reinterpreting that hidden gem would be to add incest and a lot of full frontal. It is, to say the least, A Lot.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, child abuse/child sexual abuse, animal cruelty, incest, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and body horror/gore.

“Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie” (Filming on The Canyons)

1:30 The Theory of Remakes
6:00 What is a Cat Person (40s Edition)
13:00 What is a Cat Person (80s Remix)
16:00 Siblings, You Say
22:00 WERE Animals Harmed?
27:00 Sexual Anxieties
33:00 Back on the Remake Rails
39:00 Schrader’s Work

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