Drunk Book Club – The Crow: The Lazarus Heart

You know that feeling when you can tell a book really means well and is also fucking up so hard?

We return to the works of Billy Martin AKA Poppy Z Brite for a Crow tie-in novel that wants to say a lot about systemic oppression in the queer community but kind of trips over its own feet and then breaks every bone in its body. Which is certainly interesting to watch, if nothing else.

This episode was commissioned by Anile! You can find out more about how to commission an episode by visiting patreon.com/trashandtreasures.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, queerphobia, transphobia, ableism, sexual assault, hate crimes, incest, infant death, natural disasters, dismemberment/gore, intimate partner abuse, grooming, pedophilia, alcoholism, and animal death.


Brookes Photos

Lost Souls Episode

1:00 Poppy Z Brite AKA Billy Martin
8:00 Today’s Drinks
11:30 Content Warnings
15:00 The Crow Franchise
20:00 A Brief Summary
26:00 90s “Deviance” Stories
31:00 The Importance of the Survivor
39:00 The Quietness of the Sheep
46:00 The True Crow
60:00 Depictions of Bigotry as Raw vs Lurid
70:00 The Case of Propaganda Magazine

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