Trash & Treasures: Romeo Must Die

If nothing else, watch this for one of the few records of what a gifted performer Aaliyah was.

This movie is certified fresh in our HEARTS. The American starring debut of both Jet Li and Aaliyah gives its all and we get all we could hope for, from hilarious Mortal Combat x-ray vision to a script smarter than most gave it credit for.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of racism, gang violence, fatphobia, police brutality, celebrity deaths

Behind the Scenes Mini-Doc

The Legend of the White-and-Yellow Black Man: Global Containment and Triangulated Racial Desire in Romeo Must Die

1:30 The Year Was 2000
5:00 The Making Of
14:00 “Somebody Cancelled Ch’u’s Son”
20:00 Meeting the Cast
29:00 Four Miles of Beach
34:00 A Conspiracy Appears
41:00 Whoa, Social Commentary
49:00 What About that Murder?
53:00 Should You Watch This

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