Trash & Treasures: Bad Ronald (w/ The Fifth Dollanganger)

This film is so 70s you can smell the proto-Satanic Panic on it.

In which our Very Special Guest Lynette brings us an ABC TV movie of the week from the halcyon year 1974. If you’ve seen lauded modern masterpiece The Boy, you may also be familiar with this movie’s plot. We’re pretty sure Palahniuk watched it, because it would explain many things about Fight Club.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, misogyny, police

VC Andrews Blog-o-rama

The Fifth Dollanganger on Twitter

1:00 ABC Movie of the Week
8:00 Beloved Smother
17:00 Guest Room, Not an Attic
20:00 Haunted Real Estate Shopping
25:00 The Boy: The Premake
40:00 Yike: The Source Material

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