Trash & Treasures: Bit (PRIDE MONTH)

Very earnestly, about as good as a movie about feminism written by a cishet dude could manage. Look, I’m not gonna turn down a trans vampire.

We really had a great time watching this movie. It also, as you might expect from a film inspired by The Craft and written/directed by a cishet dude, has a lot to unpack. Let’s dig into those good intentions, great moments, and bits of unintentional thematic whoops.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault, abusive relationships, racism, misogyny, and transphobia.

The Okra Project

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

1:00 Limits of a Cis Writer
8:00 The Craft, You Say
10:30 The First Night in LA
14:00 Duke as Lestat (and also Nancy)
21:00 But What About Men?
26:00 Theme Detectives
31:00 We Swear We Liked It

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