Trash & Treasures: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (PRIDE MONTH)

I want you to imagine: Plan 9 From Outer Space meets Clerks, and make it gay.

This week brings us the film debut of Madeline Olnek, who longtime listeners might’ve heard us praising before for WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY. While this is definitely a 90s time capsule even if it was filmed in 2011, it’s also adorable to the nth degree. Not to mention how lovely it is to see a fat woman cast as the romantic lead.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of queerphobia, transphobia, misogyny

The Okra Project

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

That BS Passive-Aggressive NYT Obituary of Activist Larry Kramer

Interview with Holly Hughes

Memories of the Revolution: The First Ten Years of the WOW Cafe Theater

1:00 Lesbian Activist Theatre: The WOW Café
6:00 Stage to Screen Growing Pains
11:00 The Cheesecake Symbolizes Despair
17:00 Accidental Autistic-Coded Love Story
23:00 Queer Commentary Corner
34:00 Race to the Spaceship
40:00 Preserving Olnek’s Work

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