Trash & Treasures: Friends & Family (PRIDE MONTH)

90% of the crew got together to make one excellent indie movie and then basically vanished off the face of the Earth.

We all know the set-up: a gay couple goes through an elaborate comedy of errors to hide their Big Secret from their parents, who’ve come to visit out of the blue. But in this case, the secret isn’t that Stephen and Danny are in love…it’s that they’re hitmen for the mob, and they’ve been telling Stephen’s parents they were caterers.
Tough to google and impossible to stream (but fortunately pretty cheap on DVD), this one is a true gem of queer cinema that has been almost completely forgotten.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of racism, homophobia, transphobia, police brutality

The Okra Project

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

2:00 One-Hit Wonders
6:00 The Issue of Access
10:00 Gay Mafia Shenanigans
16:00 The Tyranny of Gender Roles
21:00 A Dinner Party Militia
36:00 The Ghost of Gay Ads

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