Trash & Treasures: The Talented Mr. Ripley (PRIDE MONTH)

This year’s theme is “queer genre film,” so how could we not start with an adaptation of the novel that served as forefather to many of our beloved sympathetic murder gays.

On a more serious note, please check the links for this (and all our Pride) episodes for places you can donate to support BLM–we’ve included several links that are giving money and services to help the Black queer community.

This year’s Pride theme was decided by vote, and y’all called for queer genre films–we’re happy to provide. But tradition demands that we start with the oldest and stodgiest conventions to know our roots, and so we bring you a classic tale of a Repressed Murder Gay, written by highly regarded thriller writer (and lesbian) Patricia Highsmith. You’re probably more familiar with the other movies based on her work (CAROL and STRANGERS ON A TRAIN), but Ripley is a pretty damn important figure in genre history.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of suicide, gaslighting, racism, hate crimes, homophobia, classism, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s bullshit

The Okra Project

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Phyllis Nagy: “Being gay is Tom Ripley’s kryptonite” (TIFF Interview)

2:00 Pride Month
5:00 Patricia Highsmith’s Novels
11:30 Speakin of Carol
13:30 The Con is On
18:00 A Crime of Taste
22:00 Single White Male (feat. Gaslight)
28:00 Curse You, Irony
32:00 Ripley as Cultural Figure
37:00 Queerness and 90s Media
39:30 Ripley 2021

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