Drunk Book Club: Haunted

Man, I thought this book was the greatest when I was an edgy teenager.

We swear we decided to read the book about a bunch of asshole writers trapped in a building while the world outside possibly dies of a pandemic all the way back in January. Still, if that subject — as well as the laundry list of content warnings we’ve had to do up for Chuck “the Fight Club guy” Palahniuk– isn’t something you’re up for right now, that’s 110% understandable. We’ll catch you on the next one. For everyone who wants a bit of a horrified scream-laugh though…we’ve got you covered.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Discussion of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, racism, misogyny, mutilation, incest, transphobia, ableism, hate crimes, bestiality, animal death, depression, plague/disease imagery, suicide, cannibalism, gore, and bodily decay

1:00 Content Warnings
6:00 Liquor
8:00 Palahniuk and His Bullshit
16:00 The Masque of Red Death, Writers’ Retreat Edition
23:30 The Pool Drain Story
27:00 Misogyny Interlude I
37:00 Fuck the Innocent
42:00 Transphobic Violence I
47:00 The Nightmare Box
50:30 10/10
53:30 Transphobic Violence II
57:30 Some Catchall -isms
60:00 Misogyny Interlude II
66:00 Apocalypse Soonish

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