Trash & Treasures – Scooby Doo


The lesson I learned from this is, “you’ve seen way more Scooby Doo than you think you have.”

An anomaly that only felt possible because every kid in America was watching Hanna Barbara reruns and mostly affectionate, this movie holds up way better than it has any right to. But it’s still our job to dig into the context before and after, and the weird state of both the franchise and Barbara characters as a whole. 2002 was a TIME, y’all.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual harassment, racism, animal cruelty.

The Shaggy Meme

1:00 Back to 2002
4:00 The Parody Knock-On Effect
13:00 Hello, Fellow Kids
27:00 Mr. Bean’s Island Getaway
42:00 BTW, Actual Demons
49:00 And Scrappy Too
53:00 Should You Watch This

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  1. Hi y’all!
    I just wanted to say, once again another amazing and wonderful episode! This one was a lot of fun to listen to. One thing I wanted to say in answer to Vrai’s question of does Mystery Inc give Fred a personality? As a fan of that show, I can safely say yes. Yes they do. He actually might be the most developed of the cast (though most of them are very well developed). His personality is good precious boy who loves his friends but is oblivious and pathologically obsessed with setting traps. Oh, and trauma and pain. The writers, especially in season 2, just loved to have it so Being Fred is Suffering. And it’s great. Anyhow, thank you all for providing some truly amazing content during these trying times!
    Be well and keep up the great work!

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