It’s not INaccurate to call this “50 Shades before 50 Shades.” Just with an extra heaping of (Anne) Rice.

After lo these many months, we’ve finally returned to the well of Anne Rice novels–sorry, “Anne Rampling.” Exit to Eden is part of Rice’s weird walkabout with literary and erotic novels before her return to vampires, and it wins the coveted “probably less actively dangerous as a damagingly inaccurate text about BDSM than 50 Shades of Grey” award almost solely because it’s much harder to emulate. It is definitely a novel about how kinksters just need that healing monogamy, though.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, chattel slavery, sexual assault, physical abuse, pedophilia, grooming, bodily fluids (piss kink), transphobia, misogyny, war crimes, and intimate partner abuse

“What Fandom Racism Looks Like: (Not-So) Sexy Slavefic” 

1:00 Publisher Corner
3:00 Drink Recipe
6:15 Content Warnings
8:30 WTF Quote Corner
22:00 BDSM Fantasy Island (But Make it Shitty)
29:00 Divide Lestat in Half and Get Two Narrators
34:00 Lisa is That Boss
40:00 Why Are You Even Here, Bro?
48:00 This is Not Safe, Sane, OR Consensual
55:00 New Orleans Hellcation
64:00 That’s Your Dark Secret?

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