Go Crows! The Internet’s Only Smallville Podcast – Season 1, Episodes 5-7

hourglass lex

This is a rough set of episodes with one beautiful, beautiful high point (hint: the high point involves Lex).

The internet’s only Smallville-cast returns with a decided downgrade in the episode offerings, although Lex having a destiny so hardcore and dastardly that even a vision of it KILLS A WOMAN almost makes up for it.
This time we have Shawn in tow to see if, maybe, we can suss out what tentative connections the series occasionally decides to have to the comics. Also introducing our new, very educational segment: wisdom from Pa Kent. The fucker.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of fatphobia, eating disorders, sexual assault, ableism, and Reaganomics

2:00 Getting up to speed
6:00 Monsters of the week
14:00 Knock-Off Brand
18:00 Wisdom from Pa Kent
20:00 Heart of the Show
26:00 And That’s Terrible
34:00 The Boombox
35:00 It’s Comics!
42:00 Mailbag

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Our intro is “Slow Burn” by Kevin McLeod.

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