Trash & Treasures: Mystery of the Necronomicon


I never thought something would make me appreciate the artistry of Urotsukidoji in hindsight, but here we are.

Happy Valentine’s Day, listeners! This year’s title is a supposedly Lovecraftian hentai title by the director of Urotsukidoji, featuring immortal fetuses, DAN GREEN, and a supposed cameo by our dear Dr. West.

It was not as fun as Overfiend. And for us, that’s saying something.

So STRAP IN for all the content warnings and a locked room mystery that is not actually a mystery at all, no matter how many time stamps they flash onscreen in typewriter font.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, mutilation, graphic sex, queerphobia, lesbians being forced into sex with men, suicide, quasi-incest, grooming, and guro

1:00 the 1.5 Method
5:30 All of the Warnings
10:00 A Man and His Sister-Daughter
16:00 Snowy Alpine Murdercation
27:30 Murdercation 2: Chalet in the Forest
34:00 Dr. Herbert Mess
39:30 Trailer Aftercare

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