Trash & Treasures: Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions (w/ Alexis Sara)


It turns out one does not simply “get over” Yu-Gi-Oh.

Do you like YuGiOh? We hope so, because this reunion movie was pretty much exclusively made for people who already had Big Feels about the franchise. Even as three nerds who were all part of the phenomenon in the 2000s, we’re still not entirely sure we got all of it.

But Alexis was kind enough to power through the To Wong Foo episode with us last Pride Month and dammit, we owed her.

Was it BAD? Listen, Yu-Gi-Oh transcends mere human concepts of goodness and badness. There are only card games. And cults. People forget the cults.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of imperialism, cultural appropriation, violence toward children, suicide, and torture

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1:00 Your Reputable Yu-Gi-Oh Dealer
12:00 Can Anyone Explain Yu-Gi-Oh
23:00 So Shadi had a Cult
29:00 There Were Series After Duel Monsters?
36:00 The Why of Kaiba

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