Drunk Book Club: The Silver Kiss


We found it: the missing link between Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer.

This is it: the book between Interview with the Vampire and Twilight. On the one hand, we have a child vampire villain and musings about the power of human nature; on the other, a Not Like Other Girls heroine who’s into the new bad boy in town (but not like, TOO bad). It’s a fascinating historical document. As a novel….well, the ending’s unexpected.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of (beatified) suicide, terminal illness, animal death, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, eating disorders, misogyny, and class warfare

1:00 Drinks
2:00 The Missing Link
9:00 Klause’s Writing Process
12:00 Our Cast
19:00 Bad News Your Hero Sucks
32:00 Co-opting Punkness
41:00 Revenge of the Backstory
52:00 Please Stop Writing Follow-Ups Decades Later

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  1. There is actually potentially another missing link which is a Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington. It is possibly even worse but, in a twist, those vampires can dimension hop! (Not kidding)

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