Trash & Treasures: The Spirit of Christmas/Last Christmas



Happy holidays, listeners! For this year’s double feature we looked at two overtly Christmas-themed movies about that rarest of beings: the manic pixie dream BOY.

The Spirit of Christmas is a Lifetime movie–you can tell because characters have heard of sex. But we’re not here to take easy potshots at made-for-TV Christmas movies. We’re here because Shawn has somehow never seen one. It’s for SCIENCE.

We actually went out to a theater to see Last Christmas, a podcast rarity! It went and threw us for a loop by being…good as hell, actually?

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of medical trauma, homophobia, forced outing, racism, xenophobia, ableism, and infant mortality

1:00 Making the Choice
6:00 Grading on a Curve
16:00 Ghost Tourism
21:00 Bootlegger Soap Opera
27:30 You CAN Have it All
34:00 I Gave You My Heart
39:00 That’s a Mighty Big Bite, Champ
47:00 A Very Fuckup Christmas
52:00 Those Aren’t Quirky, Actually
57:00 Should You Watch This

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