Go Crows! The Internet’s Only Smallville Podcast – Season 1, Eps 2-4


Oops it’s not just an April Fool’s joke anymore. I couldn’t stay away from a show that’s such a direct forerunner of basically everything that defines teen genre soaps today.

Not to be contained by the first of April, Go Crows returns! We’re making a proper go of it, but the title stuck. Apologies to all the other theoretical podcasts about Smallville that might have come before us.
Our three-episode spread this time leads us on a merry chase through The Fly, an episode that’s just about Good, Actually; and an evil lesbian to serve as immediate punishment for enjoying ourselves.
As always, Lex is our special boy. Because somehow this show fucked up so hard that the billionaire business owner is the most sympathetic character.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, misogyny, homophobia, incest, bullying, stalking, and abuse.

1:00 Last Time, on Smallville
6:00 Monsters of the Week
25:00 The Heart of the Show
30:00 And That’s Terrible
37:30 The Boombox
44:00 Serial Numbers Filed Off
48:00 Final Thoughts

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Our intro is “Slow Burn” by Kevin McLeod.

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