Trash & Treasures: Bathtubs Over Broadway


2019 has been a hell year and this is a balm of pure delight, so I can’t recommend it enough.

This documentary was delivered right to our doorstep with a stamp that said “your brand”: the tale of a late-night comedy writer and how he stumbled into the enormous and yet nearly lost world of the industrial musical, multi-million dollar shows put on for corporations and never meant to be seen by society at large. Which is a crime, because “My Bathroom” is a work of aural genius.

“Design for Dreaming” MST3K short

1:00 Documentary Dive
7:00 The Industrial Musical
11:00 The Hunt for Records
17:00 Big Names in the Game
20:00 Bursting Your (Economic) Bubble
24:00 Living the Small Fandom Dream
32:00 Preservation Across Mediums
38:00 On Brand
43:00 Should You Watch This

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