Trash & Treasures: Blood & Chocolate


I don’t know if this is a GOOD movie, but it is an absolutely heroic rewrite of the source material and I want a novelization of it.

“Wait, wasn’t this week supposed to be Good Manners?”
Weeeeeeell, we ran into a little trouble. Mostly in that Good Manners isn’t about LADY werewolves.
Instead, we decided to take a look at Blood & Chocolate, a movie based on a popular proto-YA novel in that it shares some character names. It might not be a GOOD movie, but it managed to surprise us with its rejection of toxic masculinity in a genre known for dickweed alpha males.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of stalking, sexual assault, animal death, racism and incest/pedophilia.

Good Manners Article

0:30 About Good Manners…
4:00 The Source Book
7:30 Creepy Incest Uncle
15:00 This Nice Art Boy
20:00 Pack Drama
34:00 Checking in on Bookland
41:00 Wish Fulfillment vs. Toxic Masculinity
48:00 Should You Watch This

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