Trash & Treasures: Ginger Snaps


I’m mad that we’ve now watched all the good female werewolf movies.

Entry two in our exploration of the werewolf genre is a big ol’ puberty metaphor and a fantastic celebration of being weird, goth, and just a little bit pretentious as a teenager. Not to mention the great acting.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, queerphobia, animal death, and mass shootings

1:00 Production Info
7:00 The Role of Women in Horror
10:00 Here’s to Weird Girls
18:30 Werewolf Puberty
20:30 Columbine’s Effects
24:00 The Horror of Bodies
30:00 Men as Predators and Victims
39:00 Oops, It Escalated
49:00 Lost and Buried Threads
54:00 The Longest Final Battle
58:00 Should You Watch This

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