Trash & Treasures: The Howling (w/ Jourdain Searles)


The theme for this year’s spooky season can be summed up as “WHERE ARE ALL THE LADY WEREWOLF MOVIES.”

It’s that time of year again, where we put our spookiest foot forward and our horror history hats on. And since we’re a podcast full of vampire fans, we thought we’d step out of our comfort zone and try out some of those werewolves we’ve heard so much about.

This week we’re joined by media critic Jourdain Searles to shine a light on the horror classic that was unfortunately overshadowed by An American Werewolf in London when it came out and makes stellar use of the werewolf as a metaphor for grappling with trauma.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, misogyny, violence toward women and body horror

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Bad Romance Podcast

1:00 Werewolves and Movies
11:00 The Plot
18:00 Werewolves and Sexuality
32:00 Ripped from the Headlines
38:00 The Dearth of Queer and Female Werewolves
47:00 Should You Watch This

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  1. If you want good female-centric werewolf movies, try Ginger Snaps. The focus is on the bond between two teen sisters. Werewolfness is explicitly connected to the main character going through puberty and her growing sexuality, even tying in her period with this new monthly cycle. Honestly, movies should have made that connection before, but like you guys said, the werewolf genre is so hyper masculine.

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